Confessions of a Solitairoholic

I have caused with Clickomania a lot of addiction and made people waste a lot of time. So, it is nothing fair that I suffer from pathological gambling myself. I was a dry Solitairoholic for years and endured a severe relapse. Caused by the nice Vista version of Freecell and Spider Solitaire. And intensified by the great iPhone version “Solebon” by Smallware. There, the most hated (and most often played) variants are “Accordian”, “Creepy Crawly”, “Demon” or “Four Seasons”. Am I nuts to crucify myself with that stuff? To do so, I just bought an update for “SolSuite 2008”. That is really a bad thing to do for a Solitairoholic: Almost 500 different Solitaire versions. More than 9 trillion possible games for each. But if I’d get a dollar for winning each, I could easily help out in the Global financial crisis. Why has nobody thought of that? Saving the world by playing Solitaire?

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  1. rofl… It’s the same for me with Tetris… 😉
    The best version is the one for the Nintendo DS so far….
    My thumbs are still hurting 😉

    but since I own an iPhone i’m stuck with Solitaire City 😉

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