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My attitude towards paid content, test equipment and software

No sponsored content in this blog. (Goddam it!)

Occasionally I am asked to publish content, be it for free or for payment. Please note: I blog here myself and don’t accept any third-party content.

As far as test devices and software are concerned, I handle this question as the journalist that I am: I accept such samples, but make no promises as to whether and in what form any reporting will take place. I take it upon myself not to review a loan if it is irrelevant from my point of view, or to issue a negative verdict if it is unsuitable in my judgment. Test equipment will be returned after the agreed upon loan period.

Outdated links

I don’t correct outdated links on older posts and I don’t add new links. The reason is that, first, it’s too much work and, second, a blog post is a dated, self-contained piece of work that claims to be current at the time of publication but is not designed to remain current into the future. So please don’t send me mails telling me to add this or that post with your important link.