Respects to Bernd!

Bernd is the all-time-hero in the annals of Clickomania: His record is probably unbeatable.

Again, I am to offer my highest compliments to Bernd, the (again) unbeaten master in champions league of Clickomania. His record in the Classic game from October 2005 has been outplayed from miki four days ago. Miki has achieved 1888 points, one point more than Bernd over three years ago.


But Bernd has been prepared – he has achieved a new record on May 31, 2008: Amazing, incredible 1889 points! That’s mind-blowing, folks! Everyone who makes it into the all-time list is a true master of the game. My best try would not take me there.

So, keep on playing, friends! (I am wondering if I will see the 2000 points in the Classic game.)

4 Kommentare zu «Respects to Bernd!»

  1. Clickomania ia a great great game .It is most unfortunate that a certain person uses the game to post unsavory and disgusting comments using various alibis. Could you you please remove this person

  2. Hello Leviticus0_0
    I removed one comment that wasn’t appropriate. If it wasn’t the one you were referring to, please tell me which one you meant by using the contact feature (”Kontakt” in the menu).
    By the way, I removed some fishy results with too many points.

  3. I’ve taken a look at the comments. The ones from arrogant bastard are not exactly what I would consider funny, but I am not sure if they’re bad enought to practise censorship. Of course, I encourage users to show manners and gentleness in the comments, but I don’t want to interfere too much with.
    But I am open for discussion.

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