Clickomania: Problems submitting results

The switch to a new web server and https encryption resulted in a problem: It is was not possible anymore to submit results to A detailed description of the problem is provided here – and here, you’ll find the Clickomania source code as well, because I made it publicly available. Since I am not able to add support for https and provide the long overdue general overhaul, I want to give the community the chance to do so.

But you don’t have to wait for this to happen. There is an immediate solution. You need to update the game or the game files. The new game files use a new, unencrypted subdomain for the results,

This is the workaround:

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Clickomania goes open source

There are faithful Clickomania players out there, who hold on to my game more than ten years after the last update. They not only still play the game, but they’re as well submitting Online results to this page here. Not as numerous as years before, but still in considerable amouts.

Unfortunately, the submission of new results does not work anymore at this time. As you may have seen, I have switched this domain to SSL, which was high time. But Clickomania was created in a time where https was not widely available, and I am not even sure if it was possible to use encryption at all. For the reasons explained here, I am not able to provide an update.

Update: Good news. There is a solution available. It is explained here.

And these are the two other possible solutions I discussed in the original blog post:

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Old Sudoku wine in new app bottles

My favorite Sudoku version doesn’t work with iOS 11 anymore. So here are seven alternatives:

Sudoku Pro Edition (left): The colors are helpful.
Sudoku by Easybrain (right): Useful marks for the selected number.

Sudoku Pro Edition This is a simple Sudoku version that does not reinvent the wheel and does not shine with a special variety of functions. But what I like about it is the color marking of the number fields. Each number has one color: one is red, two is orange, three is yellow, and so on. This makes it easier to find your way around, as the distribution of the numbers is recorded more quickly and intuitively on the basis of the colours.

There is also the possibility to play with colors only, which is a little unfamiliar – but gives the game an extra kick. In addition, you can also play with letters or brand logos (Twitter, Instragram, Pinterest, WordPress, Google, Windows, Torrent and – for whatever reason – Playboy). Which is a little less compelling.

Conclusion: An original approach, which might just be right for the hardcore Sudokuians.
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The postcards you have sent

Last week, we moved house. After more than ten years, which resulted in a lot of heavy lifting. One box was particularly big and heavy-weighted: The one, that contains all my Clickomania postcards. When I released the game in 1997 to the internet, I wanted to track the places people were playing the game, so I asked for a poscard. And postcards did come! I’ve never really counted them, but there must be hundreds, if not thousands.

The Amish play computer games?

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Trend Micro sucks

Security is a delicate topic. A security company has to carry out assessments very carefully. The checks have to be accurate. False negatives, of course, render the service useless. False positives are a danger for the one who is falsely incriminated. So, there goes a big responsibility along with those security warnings.

In the online world, there are several companies, which judge the security of websites. Trend Micro for instance. And as far as I can tell, they do a miserable job. On November 18th, I was told by a friend on Twitter, that they have issued a warning about my website. There had been a already solved problem with one download file on my page. In September, Swiss domain registration agency Switch had triggered an alarm because of the Chinese version of the game. In Switzerland, a new law makes it possible to remove infected sites for 5 days from the domain name servers, if the problem is not removed within a week.
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Crawler peep show

If you run your own website, you are used to find a lot of bots in the log of your server. On some websites, the traffic from the bots and crawler amounts to more than 60 or 75 percent of all the traffic. This raises the questions: What are those bots doing on my page?
Some of them are nice and pleasing. The bots of the search engine keep the search results on Google and Bing up to date. A lot of crawlers are on a spam mission and keep looking for mail addresses or forms to fill with their crap.
I recently came across Googles Webmaster Tools. They reveal some of the activities the bots conduct. Even on this very site of no particular importance, Google comes by every day and takes a look at 500 pages in average, about 13 megabytes each day. „Crawler peep show“ weiterlesen

Clickomania on new Windows versions

Time does not stand still, when it comes to operating systems. I sometimes get mails with questions about how to run Clickomania on Windows 7 or Windows Vista.
So let me convey some information about the compatibility of the classic version of Clickomania and Clickomania next Generation:
Clickomania next Generation normally runs fine on Windows 7 and Vista. If it does not, you have the following options to fix the problems: „Clickomania on new Windows versions“ weiterlesen