New Clickomania version for Linux

There is a new Clickomania version for Linux available, that is true to the original and a lot of fun.

Corpsman has sent me a brand-new port from Clickomania to Linux. You’ll find this version here.

This new version is very true to the original Classic Clickomania version that can be found here.

Some minor differences exist, tough, and they are pointed out in the “diff” file. Some features are lacking, especially the Action stones, the different languages and the Help file. But there are some neat extra features. I’d like to point out the sophisticated high score system with an extra bonus when more than 90 percent of the field is cleared and different high score tables with different field settings.

So please check it out, have fun, spread the word – and if there is a problem or if you have questions, please contact Corpsman directly. 😉

Autor: Matthias

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