Ten things you could do…

… while your computer starts up:

  • Have a cup of coffee
  • Have another one
  • Go outside to catch some fresh air because of Cardiac anxiety
  • Curse Microsoft or pray for a faster computer
  • Carve a nice/obscene (as you like) sketch into your desk
  • Walk trough the office and see if your boss has already arrived (or check which employees are not at their places yet, if you are the boss)
  • Watch the world outside your window and allow yourself a little daydream
  • Figure out what to cook in the evening, which film to watch next weekend or what gadget/car/boat to buy when the economy gets better
  • Think about a fancy status line for your Facebook page
  • Think about what to do in the first place when the computer is up… if that’s not too swotty for you
  • Post to your blog with the iPhone
  • Picture what your would do today, if you were the dictator of your country, Captain Kirk, Jesus or Barack Obama
  • Picture what you would do if you were young again
  • Learn how to count to ten

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