Habemus Obama!

Barack Obama wurde zum neuen US-Präsi­denten gewählt. Was allein des­we­gen er­freu­lich ist, weil wir George W. Bush weniger im Fern­sehen zu sehen bekom­men.


5 Kommentare zu «Habemus Obama!»

  1. Well, it would be too late by now, wouldn’t it? 😉
    But yes, I would have voted for him and I am happy that Obama has won. Even though I don’t take him for a super hero, the outcome is a sign of hope in troubled times like these.

  2. Well, choosing between Obama and McCain, Obama was better choice, no doubt. But given the other choice and having a right to vote, from my Russian point of view I wouldn’t chose him.

  3. I wonder what the outcome would have been, if it had been the global community’s choice. The standards applied to the head of state are obviously quite different from country to country. I mean, as a Russian voter I would not have wanted to vote for Medwedew, but there was much of a choice.

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