Another two hours wasted

Uh boy, Nicolas Cage! He is such a bad actor! Or maybe, he is a great actor and I happen to see only bad movies featuring this guy. Last Sunday, there was “National Treasure” on tv (in German «Das Vermächtnis der Tempelritter»). Another two hours completely wasted. The story is so incredibly silly that it probably causes brain cancer. So, since man has two Cerebral hemispheres, they blessed us with a sequel. It is called “National Treasure: Book of Secrets” or «Das Vermächtnis des geheimen Buches». If Cage has improved his ability to look dumb while telling pseudo-clever lines, I am the first one at the box office. Well no, maybe not.

But “National Treasure” dilogy is not the worst thing that happened to my while sitting in front of my tv. It’s no match for “Constantine”. “Matrix Reloaded” should be used, in my opinion, a synonym for sheer nonsense. “The Scorpion King” is an insult for any thinking being and a declaration of bankruptcy for the art of acting. And “Van Helsing”? Simply a pile of – um, brown material. And, to close the circle and I have to mention another of Cage’s movies. It’s “Face/Off”. Implant me a bath sponge into my head, if I ever have to watch that one again. “Brain/Out”, that is.

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  1. Why is that The Scorpion King is an insult for any thinking being and a declaration of bankruptcy for the art of acting?

  2. If you compare The Rock to Brendan Fraser – and you do, because “Scorpion King” is a spin-off from “The Mummy Returns” – then it gets just painfully visible what all is missing in The Rock’s acting: exrpession, humour, charisma…

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