Wer hören will, muss fernsehen!

Das Radio hat früher meinen Geschmack in Sachen Populärmusik geprägt. Heute tut es das nicht mehr – TV, Serien und sogar die Werbung sind innovativer.

Wie entwickelt man eigentlich Musikgeschmack? Woher weiss man, welche Stücke man gern mag? Natürlich indem man hört, begeistert ist, wieder hört. Und irgendwann einmal kauft und/oder herunterlädt.

Entscheidend ist natürlich der Input. Nur wenn man das richtige auf die Ohren bekommt, füllen sich CD-Regal, Festplatte und iPod mit schöner Musik. Sonst halt mit Stücken, deren Refrain aus vielen ella, ellas, eh, eh, eh, eh, eh, ehs und ah ah ahs besteht… wobei ich gerade diesem Titel die Ohrwurmqualität nicht abspreche. Nervig ist er trotzdem!

Früher war das Radio massgeblich für Musik-Entdeckungen

Eben, der Input. Früher hat mich das Radio damit versorgt. Die dritte Senderkette des öffentlich-rechtlichen Radios aus der Deutschschweiz hatte einen imensen Einfluss auf meine Hörgewohnheiten. Es war direkt dafür verantwortlich, in welchem Mass sich mein Taschengeld in Vinyl verwandelte und wie ich positive Hörerlebnisse auf Chromdioxid festhielt.

Gerade gestern ist mir aber aufgefallen, dass mein Musikgeschmack immer mehr durch das Fernsehen bestimmt wird. «Dreaming of You» von «The Coral»: In einer Folge von «Scrubs» gehört und sogleich gekauft. «All I Know», von Al Gore, pardon, von Art Garfunkel: Durch «Nip/Tuck» kennengelernt. «It Came Upon A Midnight Clear», eine zweite Riesenmördergänsehautballade: Sie hat mein iPod «Grace Atonomy» zu verdanken (dabei sehe ich die Serie noch nicht einmal, sonst würde ich wissen, dass sie «Grace Anatomy» heisst). «Istanbul (Not Constantinople)» von They Might Be Giants: Verdienstvollerweise von den Simpsons ins Bewusstsein zurückgerufen, sodass er nun meine Sammlung aufwertet. «Buenas Tardes Amigo» von Ween: Aus «Herr Lehmann». «Working Class Hero» von Green Day: Aus irgend einer Doku (sofern ich mich richtig erinnere).

Sogar die Werbung gibt etwas her

Und sogar Werbung bildet (zumindest den Musikgeschmack). Einem Nikon-Spot verdanke ich den Titel «Way Back» von Jazzamor.

Mit anderen Worten: Wer hören will, muss fernsehen!

8 Kommentare zu «Wer hören will, muss fernsehen!»

  1. Hi! 🙂 I have discovered your blog now! 🙂 Nice to see you after a long time, really!
    Well, I have only a faint idea what about you are writing (only when I meet some words in English), but… I like it anyway. 🙂
    Upadate: I have translated this your post, and let me add something – I still do hear some songs on the radio or at some friend’s and then watch out for MTV or something alike to find out who’s singing that nice tune – since rarely I have time to listen to songs completely untill it’s in my MP3 player. 🙂

  2. Dear Tanjuscha
    Thanks for your comment and the feedback about all new clickomania.ch. And it’s great to hear from you again!
    Of course you’re right and there are the music tv stations. For viewers of those stations it is not a totally new thing to learn about great songs from television. But for me it is, since MTV and Viva (another music station here in Switzerland) were never important for me. I am more into sitcoms than music videos. 😉
    Take care!

  3. Sitcoms? Well, here, in Russia there’re many, but mostly something really terrible – they do translate UK or US jokes and do lose a lot if they have bought rights for producing a Russian version of it. Rest are those original which are better, but too rare – I am not a big fan of it. Mostly TV goes as a background only 🙂

  4. I used to have the TV running in the background a lot. But more and more, it annoys me, so I keep it turned off. You’re very lucky that in Russia you don’t have Media Shop (or have you?). They try to sell crappy stuff by booking nerve-wracking commercials around the clock on every TV station. For instance a machine for making your leg muscles bigger. It’s called “Määttschig Leegggg” system and if you buy it, you get “Rosalies high energy music dvd”. Take a look at the video and imagine seeing this clip about a dozen times when you watch a movie on Pro7 or “Prison Break” on RTL: http://www.media-shop.cc/shop/?view=M1394&video_on=1
    If you think you can stand that brainwash, your nerves are much better than mine. Anyway, what I wanted to ask: Do you see “King of Queens” in Russia?

  5. Hey, I know what you mean! 🙂 Annoying is a very light word for them, these adds of “shop-from-your-sofa” as they call it here are very irritating! What’s “King of Queens”?

  6. Update 🙂
    Yes, they have strated showing it here recently and stopped very soon – I didn’t even realize if I have seen only trailers and no mentioning of the show afterwards or they have shown some parts of it at all.
    But even if it was on the air here, I was missing most of it, since they show it at some strange time deep in the night (as they always do with some nice stuff like “Married with children” – at 02.00-03.00am), so I guess I am missing something good, right? 😉 .
    Are you still watching Simpsons? I have started appreciating them – they really are funny 🙂

  7. They stopped “King of Queens”? I fail to believe that! You should complain at the head office of the channel! A demonstration would be appropriate! “King of Queens” is the only sitcom I watch on a (almost) regular basis. Even though they’re repeating the old shows over and over again and mixing them up with new episodes. A incredibly silly way of programming they cultivate at “Kabel eins”. (Or “Kabel dir eins” as a friend of mine likes to call that channel. The friend prefers to stay anonymous, since it is a dirty groaner after all.)
    And to answer your question: I still watch the Simpsons when I find the time. Mostly, the show runs too early in the evening, when I am not yet done with my work.
    I wouldn’t compair “King of Queens” with “Married with children”. It’s nicer, if you can say so. Less cynical and from time to time, the show deals with problems from real life – as far as that is possible in twenty minutes, that is. But really funny, most of the time and with real moments of slapstick. And I like Arthur. This character is played by Jerry Stiller, Ben Stiller’s father. As the son, so the father!

  8. Dear Matthias, I had a nice laugh reading your message! “A demonstration would be appropriate!” is very strong phrase – I’ll try to do something about it, really! 😉 Especially, after this ““King of Queens” is the only sitcom I watch on a (almost) regular basis.” – it’ll be my main argument, believe me! My friend, the author of 6 books (or more already?), the Journalist of a famous Swiss news paper is watchin it! 🙂 They’ll have to start it over again. You know, in fact they did – yestreday night I’ve cought the end of the show, but that was not enough to appreciate it. I have to start some protest demonstration for them to show it in proper time. 🙂

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