Drowning in Trash

500 new mails in my inbox this morning? Some idiot decided to send out spam e-mails with my address as addressor, and now I get swamped with “Delivery failure” reports.

A bad surprise for me on Tuesday. Unsuspectingly, I opened my mailbox, expecting no particular news. Well there was no particular news – but nevertheless about five hundred messages awaited me. They all had subjects like “Delivery failure”, “Unable to deliver your message”, “Delivery status notification” and “Mail status report”.

No doubt, a clickomania-loving spammer paid me respect by using my address in his bulk mail. With the usual spam, that gets sorted out automatically (about 8000 a week), those “return to sender” notifications ate up all the capacity of my mailbox. That was nicely announced by the mailserver with “over quota” notices and underlined with the refusal of sending out any of my messages.

Noooo, I don’t have better things to do

But never mind, of course, I don’t have better things to do than remove trash from my mailbox. Still, it occurred to me what a fair punishment would be: Writing “I shall not send mails with fake addressors” in hand for, I’d say, a million times. Or as many times as spam mails went out.

By the way: A really clever idea is to sell an antispam tool by spam. Maybe, you got this message, too: “I use a spam filter, and you probably do the same. I have whitelisted you and that means that I will receive all the emails you send to me. I would appreciate it if you would whitelist my email address (…) If you don’t have a spam filter, I can recommend…”

If you like that topic (not the thing in your mailbox, take a look at this page:

If you understand German, you can go here as well:

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  1. I just really hate the spammers and thank free e-mail services for “Bulk” or “Spam” options.
    But in the case you have described I really cannot say what’s better then to change an e-mail id (though I’m not sure it’s realistic in your case…) or to get a really nice soft blocking any e-mail which id is not in your white list…
    Hm, then how you’ll get some useful messages from true fans of Clickomania?.. If you have that soft… May I reques a line in the white list beforehand 😉

  2. I don’t maintain whitelists, blacklists or lists in any other color – far too much work. But I have a good e-mail service, that filters out spam without any “false positive”. So, there is no need to change the mail address.
    There is different issue with my mailbox. I (still) a so called “catch all” mailbox. This type of mailbox does not look at the user name before the @. Every mail sent to clickomania is delivered. This, I am about to change and that will result in much less spam. (I hope.)

  3. Das habe ich jetzt nicht ganz verstanden, aber sicherlich ist das eine hervorragende Empfehlung für den besten Strafverteidiger aus Orange County.

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