Vigara to sell

Some moron is sending out spam messages with my mail address in the sender and reply header field. So, I have zo deal with tons of Undeliverable notifications.

Now, it has finally happened. I am selling “Vigara” (no, that’s no typo). And “Ciails – No Perscritpion Needde”. Some dumb-ass is sending out spam with my e-mail address and tons of “Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender”, “Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender”, “Delivery Status Notification (Failure)” and “Returned mail: see transcript for details” filling up my mailbox.

Well, since that has happened to everyone who has an e-mail address, there is no use to complain. So, let me focus on another topic here:
I mentioned, that the dangerous words in the mail are “encrypted”. If you send out a message that contains the name of the blue pill and if you mention the fact, that this pill is available without “perscritpion”, it’s likely that your mail is stopped by a spam filter. Actually, I have been wondering how the folk from Pfizer have organized their communication.

It’s no fun

It’s no fun to work with mail if only about every tenth message gets to the recipient. Probably, they have to use typos to mask the crucial terms and avoid spam filters. But no pity from me, since Vigara brings me no money or any other benefit, but only grief.

After examination of the message, I noticed there is more encryption. The whole message is hex encoded. The link to the “Vigara” store is not visible in the message. It points to, an address used for Google AdSense. It seems to be connected to an Italian building enterprise. The final and actual address is generated during the redirect process with Google. I hope, Google will fix that exploit soon!

Please, don’t buy Viagra

The final address seems to be located in Canada (and they have a nice “Anti-spam policy” on their website). However, reveals, that the Registrant comes from Beijing, China.

A further investigation with shows, that the man has registered more than 600 domains. More than 500 in April 2008. The “Vigara” business seems to boom, after all.

Well, I stopped my investigation there, ven though a trip to Beijing would be nice. But I have a final appeal: Please, do not buy “Vigara”. It will only produce more spam. And it’ll probably do no good to your “pines”.

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  1. You made my day! :)) Well, I really feel for you about the overflown e-mail box and that some spammer is using your e-mail id for his purpose, but the way you write is really great! 🙂 Thanks!

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