17. Juni ist Download-Day!

Firefox 2 wird demnächst abgelöst. Und zwar – und das ist womöglich keine so grosse Überraschung – durch Firefox 3. Kommende Woche ist es so weit.

Die Mozilla-Foundation hat das Datum für den Download-Day bekannt gegeben: Der 17. Juni, das ist der nächste Dienstag. Also, geniesst die letzten fünf Tage mit Firefox 2 und macht euch schon mal downloadbereit…

Sogar ein Maskottchen steht in den Startlöchern.

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  1. You also have given them a promise to download the 3rd version? 🙂 Well, since it was announced on your blog in German, unfortunately, I was too lazy to take time for translating what was that all about. But, since I’m a true fan of this browser, too, I got the same news in English and then Russian after a week or so. The only thing which have helped me to realize who brought the news to me first actually was the same picture – you’ve posted it there, with announcement, right? Thanks, I wouldn’t have paid much attention to it if that wouldn’t be “because of you” 😉

    P.S. And please, write more posts in English! Or I’ll start giving half of my comments in Russian 😉 (just kidding!)

  2. Erm… We had to wait till 21.00 and then I believe their servers are not that powerful to stand against so many fans – the site of mozilla as well as the download day page is not available here for the last hour or more 🙁 But I’ll download it anyway – would really like to try what’s so special in this so much advertised version.

    P.S. Hey, I’m a good girl, I am! No insinuations, I promise! 🙂 But you and most of your readers who’ll be interested in my comments (if any) will have to use translation systems as I have to do with most of your posts – that’ll be my revenge 😉 (Just kidding, I don’t want to waste your time really)

  3. Well, the servers are down. No world record for Mozilla, I’d say… I don’t intend to stay up all night for the download…

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