Backups with CD burner XP

DXPgenerator creates compilations for the CD Burner XP Pro burning program, which can be used to burn new files – and only the new files – to CD or DVD.

A have written a nice little utility for creating backups on CDs and DVDs. DXPgenerator collects all the files from a given path, that are newer than the date indicated. So, you can manually create a backup of your data with the incremental or differential method.

DXPgenerator burns all files created or modified since the specified date.

An example: if you have created a CD with all your documents a year ago, you run DXPgenerator, set the date as today a year ago and you get a nice list of all the files that have to be included in the backup CD. The program exports the list as DXP file. This file can be opened with CDBurnerXP and burnt to CD or DVD with this free application.

DXPgenerator is a free utility. Sorry, no documentation so far, no support, no warranty and no further ado. Tested with Windows Vista.

Free download of DXPgenerator version 1.0:

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