Digitalk für European Podcast-Award nominiert

Freude herrscht: Unsere Interviewreihe, die ich seit 2006 mit Roger Zedi für den «Tagesanzeiger» produziere, ist für einen Preis nominiert. Und ihr könnt für uns abstimmen!

Der Digitalk hat dieser Tage nicht nur seinen zweijährigen Geburtstag, er ist auch für den European Podcast-Award nominiert!

Das Logo – ich nehme an, dass das Ding im blauen Kreis ein Mikrofon ist.

Einen Frack werde ich mir nicht gleich zulegen, aber natürlich freuen die beiden Digitalker sich über jede Stimme!

Hier geht es zur Stimmabgabe!

PS: Es gibt was zu gewinnen!

4 Kommentare zu «Digitalk für European Podcast-Award nominiert»

  1. That’s the minus point of writing such posts in German only, I’d say! Hope my vote was not yet too late. 🙂 And best of luck! 🙂

    Pity I can’t catch German that fast to understand everything, but still – it’s nice to hear your voice from time to time 😉

  2. Thank you for the vote. You’re right about the little postings in English. I’d like to write more in both of the languages available here, but since the day has no more than 24 hours… (Well, but I have to admit that I did not post an entry on October 26th, a day with 25 hours. g)
    Concerning the podcast award, I think it’s ok to use German, since the podcast is in Swiss German (I even could have written the posting in Züritütsch). Have you listened to one of the potcasts? You can send us an audio feedback as MP3 to, but please add some words in Russian, that would be cool!
    Btw, there are two episodes with english parts (72 and 74). In the first one, my english wasn’t so good… I had a hangover, after all.

  3. I’ve tired to listen to podcast – the one, which was named something like “Matthias kriegt Post”, if I spell it correct, but my internet got disconnected suddenly. Now will go for those issues you have mentioned, so that I have something to discuss and say a bit more then my girlish emotions of a true fan :-)) No problem, will add something in Russian, too 🙂

  4. And it’s a pity I can’t correct my own post – have made a typo there in a hurry and noticed it only now. I didn’t mean to say I have “tired”, but I have “tried” to listen to that podcast 🙂

    Already listening to the ones you have advised – I guess I need to recover my German to really enjoy it – those parts in English are too short for me 🙂

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