Drugs and dealers

First I refused, but now I have become a customer. No, not at the “Pusher” in the city park, but at Apple’s music store, the iTunes Store – where they know how to take money out of the pockets of people like me.

About half a year ago, after a long period of refusal, I failed for the iTunes Music store. It started with a gift coupon. Without exaggeration, you could call the one who gave me this two-edged present a dealer (dealer in the German sense of the word, which means “drug dealer”). Really, once you have started to appreciate the “Titel kaufen” (“buy this song”) button, you use it all the time.

This makes people like me buy a lot more music than ever. I sometimes changed my mind when I was standing in line in front of the cash point in a record shop – and I am not visiting music shops so often I take a look at the iTMS. The music industry should laud and praise this concept. Instead, the big music companies are jealous and/or dismissive.

Apple knows how to get people hooked up

And Apple knows how to get people hooked up. There is this innocent new feature called “Complete my album”. It gives you the possibility to buy the whole album when you already bought one or two tracks. Well, that seems like a good thing; You can buy the hot track from an album and postpone the decision if you want to get the entire album.

But there is a catch: A time limit apple has set up so machiavellianishly. So, now, I have to look up at least once a week my “Complete my album” countdowns, making sure that I don’t miss the final opportunity for the completion. My life is full of tension and nervous iTunes Music store checking now, in my disturbed sleep I have nightmares in which I keep on missing deadlines… These modern times are so exhausting!

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