Clickomania on new Windows versions

Time does not stand still, when it comes to operating systems. I sometimes get mails with questions about how to run Clickomania on Windows 7 or Windows Vista.
So let me convey some information about the compatibility of the classic version of Clickomania and Clickomania next Generation:
Clickomania next Generation normally runs fine on Windows 7 and Vista. If it does not, you have the following options to fix the problems: „Clickomania on new Windows versions“ weiterlesen

Confessions of a Solitairoholic

I have caused with Clickomania a lot of addiction and made people waste a lot of time. So, it is nothing fair that I suffer from pathological gambling myself. I was a dry Solitairoholic for years and endured a severe relapse. Caused by the nice Vista version of Freecell and Spider Solitaire. And intensified by the great iPhone version “Solebon” by Smallware. There, the most hated (and most often played) variants are „Confessions of a Solitairoholic“ weiterlesen

Einkaufen im App-Store

Ich mutiere zum Fan des App Store. Kaufsüchtig bin ich noch nicht, doch was es da an kleinen, nützlichen Programmen fürs iPhone und den iPod Touch gibt, ist schon bemerkenswert. Natürlich, man findet nicht alles, wonach man sucht. Beispielsweise habe ich bislang keine «Videokamera-Software» gefunden – von Haus aus kann das iPhone nur Standbilder aufnehmen. Sowas soll aber kommen, habe ich gehört. Auch ein richtiger Flash-Player wäre eine gute Sache. Aber schliesslich hat Apple das SDK, also die Software zur Entwicklung von iPhone-Programmen erst im März freigegeben. Im Einsatz habe ich bis jetzt:
„Einkaufen im App-Store“ weiterlesen

Respects to Bernd!

Again, I am to offer my highest compliments to Bernd, the (again) unbeaten master in champions league of Clickomania. His record in the Classic game from October 2005 has been outplayed from miki four days ago. Miki has achieved 1888 points, one point more than Bernd over three years ago. But Bernd has been prepared – he has achieved a new record on May 31, 2008: Amazing, incredible 1889 points! That’s mind-blowing, folks! Everyone who makes it into the all-time list is a true master of the game. My best try would not take me there.
So, keep on playing, friends! (I am wondering if I will see the 2000 points in the Classic game.)

Happy birthday Clickomania!

Ten years ago! At the end of 1997, I released the first version of the game:


So, a moment to celebrate! And please, celebrate with me! Use the comments to present your compliments to the guest of honor. Tell me there when you have started to play the game, if you still play or if you have stopped (tell me why and when, if you like) and what you still like about the game (or not…).

And lets clink glasses for the next ten years of happy clicking!

The Clickomania decade

I’ve taken a look into the archive folder of my hard disk and found the very first version of Clickomania. And the file dates of those resources tell me: The tenth birthday of my game is ahead. I started at the end of December 1997 to program the game. I have been thinking how to celebrate this moment. For all intents and purposes, I wanted to do a new version. But alas, software development is terribly time-consuming and I already have a lot of duties scheduled for the days ahead. The anniversary version will have to wait.

I don’t do a new version right now, but I do something else. Because, after ten years, it occurred to me that this is finally the moment to reveal the last and biggest secret about Clickomania. It’s shameful, but after a decade, the time is ripe for a confession of the extent of that one I am about to give.

„The Clickomania decade“ weiterlesen

Blogging all over the world under the heading of “Clickomania”

I sometimes do egosurfing. That’s why it occurred to me to look for blogs called “Clickomania”. And, surprisingly enough, there are four (4) Clickomania blogs listed on Technorati. This blog here, the one you are currently reading, shows up twice. Which is overstated, even from my point of view – and I am the one who voted as “fan” for his own blog. Yes, I have to make the embarrassing confession, that the “fan vote” for is from me. Don’t say it loud… I know, it’s a pitiful thing to do…
Anyway, still there are two other Clickomania blogs not linked in any way to mine – which will be of topmost interest for my laywers. No, don’t worry, I’m not the kind of guy who let laywers loose off the leash on every occasion. But of course I am courious who is blogging under the heading of “Clickomania”.
“For youu.” is the blog from Deborah. There are poems, pictures and four love songs. And I feel kind of like an intruder, because all seems private. And I fail to see the Clickomania context. Anyway, the photos are nice. And a little discusting (P1000956.jpg — yucky!).
“The hazy image of my world through the lens of w700i” is the topic of the other blog. The w700i is a mobile phone. So, clickomania probably means that the blogger loves to take a lot of (wiggly and blurred) pictures with his mobile. The blogger is actually a woman. Aditi Mallya is her name and she’s from India. Nice pictures, after all, from a totally strange world (again, from my point of view).
Sad but true – there are different meanings to Clickomania and mine will not rule the world… what a pity!