Star wars name generator

I present: A sophisticated algorithm that determines with Yoda-like wisdom what your name would be in the „Star Wars“ universe.

Tummyfluff has a nice posting about the StarWars name game on his website. Nice, but the name should be generated automatically, I thought.
That’s why I dug up my wimpy skills in JavaScript programming and developed this little (but cool) George Lucas Star Wars name generator:

If there is need for some explanation: It is said (fama est) that George Lucas has generated the many funny names in the two Star Wars trilogies by using a simple principle by combining letters from first and last name and from the mother’s maiden name and the birth place of the actor’s mother. That resulted in names like Obi-Wan Kenobi, Jar Jar Binks or Shaak Ti etc.
And that’s how the little (but cool) George Lucas Star Wars name generator works.

By the way: Please enter nice Star War names by using the comment feature (”Kommentar hinzufügen”). The little (but cool) George Lucas Star Wars name generator does not save any names, why your names would be lost if you do not retain it for posterity.

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