Bin verheiratet, suche Beziehung

Die Tücke liegt im Detail. Das gilt nicht nur, aber ganz im Besonderen auch für den bei Facebook öffentlich hinterlegten Beziehungsstatus.

Gerade auf Facebook gesehen:

Ähm, tatsächlich?

Ich will nicht den Moralapostel raushängen lassen. Ich fürchte nur, dass das ein anstrengender Lebensstil ist.

Oder vielleicht ist einfach der alte Status stehen geblieben? Lerne: Facebook-Statusangaben wollen gepflegt sein!

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  1. Would like to believe that it’s just a mistake. Although I hear about the opposite too often 🙁 Or, in worst cases, the ones looking for relationship just “forget” about existing wife and kids – writing there are none and promising more then they legally can offer to the single one searching for long term serious relationship.

    Don’t know if that’s some kind of entertainment, a new way to raise adrenaline level or just “don’t care” attitude. Still am sure that the major of people wouldn’t do that on purpose. Hope I’m not too naive, am I?

  2. I would believe that it is no mistake, if the man was looking for a f-buddy. A marriage and a serious relationship is a close thing to polygamy. That’s not my piece of cake, but I am restrained about that topic, because a workmate called me a moraliser the other day…
    Anyway, another nice thing on Facebook: You really can become a “fan of the financial crisis”:

  3. Do you really find it “nice”, becoming a “fan of the financial crisis”? 🙂 I would like it to be over asap instead – as for being a fan, I guess the meaning a bit differs 🙂

    Offtopic – what are the tags for quoting in your blog?

  4. The open tag is quote in brackets and slash quote in brackets for closing the quote. But I do not know if it works in the comments.
    There are no irony tags in my blog unfortunately. Otherwise I would have used them in my last comment, because

    another nice thing on Facebook

    would have tagged as irony…

  5. Just last try – your blog looks similar to WordPress – maybe this <blockquote>would work here, too?</blockquote>
    If no – I’ll use the old “quotes” then 🙂

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