Dear Mr Hollywood producers…

The Hollywood screenwriters’ strike might be my chance to broaden my professional horizons. Therefore: A public application to all major producers of films and series.

… I’ve heard that the Hollywood script writers want to go on strike. So, if you are running short on scripts, please contact me. I can write for “Lost”, “Nip/Tuck”, “Heroes”, “CSI”, “Star Trek” (?), “Desperate Housewives” and Jay Leno (if he does not mind Swiss jokes) and any other show (but only interesting stuff, not boring crap such as “7th Heaven”). I will write for appropriate fee (probably much less than what the greedy writers around demand). Unfortunately, I don’t have any reference, because here in Switzerland, we do not have an entertainment industry. Only Staatsfernsehen, and they do not require writers.

Please contact me any time at

Autor: Matthias

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